7 Winter Tips for A Healthy Immune System from Dr. Chris

Fall and winter are a great time to get sick. With less sunlight, more time spent inside, and loads of sugar being served, it is the perfect time to catch a bug. Here are some simple tips to help keep you and your family healthy this winter.

1. Vitamin D. This is a critical supplement in the winter months when we are in the sun less. 1,000-5,000 IU is usually an appropriate dosage to keep levels up. We also check via blood work since this is a vitamin you can take too much of.

2. Vitamin C. Less fresh fruit and veggies in the winter equates to less of this critical immune system helper. 2,000 mg a day is a pretty safe bet to keep you replete in this awesome vitamin.

3. Wash your hands a lot!!! Every time you touch a common surface in your workplace or out in the world do a thorough wash with warm water. You don’t need to dry your skin out with alcohol hand sanitizers or even commercial soap every time. A good wash with warm water will remove most viruses and bacteria.

4. Silver hydrosol. A high quality professional silver hydrosol sprayed into the nostrils and/or gargled with three times per day can keep you from contracting many of the common bugs of winter. We sell Argentyn 23 in the office and it is an excellent brand.

5. Avoid the sugary treats. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons so many people get sick at this time of year. Starting with Halloween until New Year’s Day there is so much more sugar around. Every time we eat sugar we depress the ability of our white blood cells to function appropriately. Just say no to sugar.

6. Rest more. Winter is the natural time for our bodies to rest and regenerate. Just like the trees and the hibernating animals this is the season of repose. Try to do less and sleep more. Your immune system will thank you.

7. If you are sick please wear a mask. This is one of the most conscious things we can do to protect those around us. Germs are spread from sneezing and coughing. If you are sick and need to go out into the world just wear a mask.

Warmly in good health,

Dr. Chris Chlebowski

AllMark Mularz