The Soft Overcomes the Hard by Brook Golling, LMT

Body work has been a great teacher to me over the past few years. I have been steadily exploring and uncovering a deeper understanding of how we feel and relate in this world. As I understand the body on subtler levels, my work steadily blends more awareness to the flow and patterns of energy moving in relation to our physical structure. An underlying influence to how I have approached working with people this year is summarized simply by Lao Tzu: 

“The soft overcomes the hard.” 

I observe that most often chronic pain comes from chronic holding. As we go through experiences in life when something is of great impact we tend to grab onto it and to harden around these experiences. In time, these areas of holding build up so greatly that we alter our structure, shift our gate, kink our neck or physically make changes until we can no longer avoid the sensation of pain. 

In order to release these patterns of pain I work the muscles to soften the body into the path of least resistance. Gradually, like water dissolves the hardest rock, our energy flows through and breaks apart hardened areas in our body. As this year comes to a close, join me in bringing awareness to the subtle movements in your body. Allow yourself to relax into your body, soften through your relationships, and enjoy the moments of simple presence.

Brook Golling

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