Honoring Your Body With A Springtime Liver Cleanse

From a Chinese medicine perspective, healthy bodies respond to springtime with lively liver pulses. The liver is the General of the organs. It says, “Wake up, we have things to do!” and gets everyone moving. If the liver is sluggish, things don’t flow very well. Balanced hormones, healthy thyroid, strong heart and circulation, flowing digestion, well-balanced energy, blood sugar balance, good moods, happy joints... These all depend on a healthy liver.

In the springtime, we open up our houses to air them out. We clean out the dusty corners and purge our closets. It’s also the perfect time to do the same with our bodies.

A liver cleanse is the perfect way to honor the springtime! This can include: eating lighter, fresher foods; dry skin brushing; castor oil packs; taking daily walks in the fresh air and starting the day with a glass of warm filtered water with a half a lemon. Or, maybe your body is ready for a more intensive reset with some juice fasting and saunas with cold plunges. Follow your intuition. And check in with your health care practitioners to create the most supportive plan for your circumstances. If you are already healthy, you might join a cleanse group for moral support. Come into ANM for a tune-up with acupuncture and/or a herbal formula made just for you. Walk barefoot on the earth, spend time daily expressing gratitude for the good things in your life. All of these things will lead to a healthier mind and body!

Ajana Miki, ND, LAC

AllMark Mularz