Cancer Is Chaos

Cancer cells by their very nature are chaotic. It is their unregulated growth and rapid division, which are the hallmarks of the disease process. The normal signaling that happens between healthy cells is distorted. They act erratically and uncharacteristically unlike their original forms. Unfortunately this behavior is often mirrored in the cancer patient and leads to more chaos.

Cancer is scary and I often see patients make bad decisions because they are scared. Patients can make rash and dangerous decisions when faced with this disease. Unfortunately, this type of behavior often ends in disaster. I feel that it is my job to help patients who have been handed this diagnosis to make order of the chaos and to stay on a true path to reach resolution of this deadly diagnosis.

This disease is very unforgiving. Cancer requires a methodical and directed plan executed in a very organized manner. We must create order where there is anarchy. Patients who follow a very specific and organized plan often do very well, either extending their life or resolving the disease and moving back into a state of health.

My suggestion is that we create a custom plan and follow it to the letter. Missing treatments, stopping herbs or supplements, or wildly swinging off into new treatment plans usually does not end well. Following a well-crafted plan from the beginning to the end usually does.

Naturopathic medicine has much to offer for a patient with cancer whether they are working with conventional therapies or without the assistance of allopathic medicine. Regardless of the path chosen, having a good road map and a travel plan always works out better than setting out in a hurried and disorganized manner.

In good health, Dr. Chris

AllMark Mularz