Detoxify Mold and Take Back Your Health

Mold is everywhere! It is pretty hard to avoid in our rainy state of Oregon. I can’t tell you how many people we treat for mold illness at Ashland Natural Medicine. Everyday it seems we discover new cases of people who were exposed to mold from a water-damaged building some time ago and are still sick today because of it.

A certain percentage of the population doesn’t detoxify mold very well. These are people who have lived in a moldy place years ago and are still suffering with symptoms today. Some of the most common mold symptoms are:

Brain fog


Muscle pain/weakness

Chronic stuffy nose or postnasal drip

Chronic cough


IBS-type symptoms


Fungal infections on the skin

If you have any of the above symptoms and haven’t been checked for mold toxicity, let one of the doctors at ANM know. Testing is a simple urine test which can tell us the extent of mycotoxin (the poisons from mold that make us sick) border is in your body.

Although treatment of mold illness can take some time and dedication, but everybody who does it ends up feeling better.

Get the mold out and take back your health.
Dr. Chris

AllNatasha Sol