The Benefits of BEMER (Not the Car)

Since all systems, cells, and other aspects of the human form require proper circulation to survive, I consider proper circulation to be a fundamental attribute of good health. Cancer is unchecked growth in the presence of poor circulation.  Cardiovascular disease is inflammation where there is poor circulation.  In fact, absence of circulation is one of the hallmarks of death itself.

For years, I have worked to improve and maintain the body's circulation in my patients. When it comes to helping to improve microcirculation with ease, BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) vascular therapy is the most powerful tool I have found. This spring we added this tool to ANM's office.

BEMER works by delivering pulsed, electromagnetic frequencies to the smallest blood vessels in the body thereby improving microcirculation at the cellular level. The process allows enhanced detoxification, cellular uptake of nutrients, and improved general circulation.

BEMER is delivered in our clinic while the client lies on a comfortable mat and receives eight minutes of therapy. When there is a specific area of complaint, an additional directed session can focus on that part of the body.

You may be wondering how many people have poor circulation. Here are some clues. If you have any of the following issues, you likely have poor circulation:

Cold hands and feet
Easy bruising
History of heart disease
Inability to handle toxins
Lack of lunula on nails
Loss of hair on arms or legs
Macular degeneration and/or glaucoma
Poor wound healing
Ridged or cracking nails
Toenail fungus

To sum up, we already have plants and remedies to quell inflammation and stop unchecked growth. What we needed in the clinic was an easy tool to improve circulation. The BEMER mat is that tool.

Worldwide, many people are now benefiting from this technology.  We are especially happy to have it at ANM. Ask Dr. Miki or myself if you think BEMER might help improve your circulation and your health.

Good Luck and Good Health,
Dr. Chris Chlebowski

AllNatasha Sol