Naturopathic Physician, acupuncturist,
Women’s wellness Care Specialist

Dr. Ajana Miki


Dr. Ajana Miki, ND, Ashland Natural Medicine

Dr. Ajana Miki is a naturopathic physician and an acupuncturist. She has been practicing natural medicine for over twenty years. She has a unique combination of skills which allow her to assess and support healing from different perspectives. She brings her curiosity and love of learning to work with each patient in finding the treatments which best serve optimal well-being.

In addition to training with brilliant physicians, herbalists, and Chinese-medicine practitioners, Dr. Miki has trained with indigenous Shamanic practitioners and healers from many different cultures. Dr. Miki’s patients appreciate her multi-level approach to healing and her presence with each person as a complex being whose emotional body and physical body hold equal importance. 

Dr. Miki’s primary focus is on women’s health, supporting pre-menstrual to post-menopausal ease. She offers Holistic Pelvic Care™, gynecological exams, hormonal assessment and treatments, fertility protocols, and healthy pregnancy support. She also offers acupuncture for both men and women, addressing everything from musculoskeletal issues to stress relief to acute and chronic illness. In addition, one of her favorite modalities is BARSTM sessions, a form of healing work designed to clear stuck patterns and beliefs. When she is not wearing her physician hat, Dr. Miki enjoys hiking hilltops, contact improv dance, reveling in silence, cooking delicious foods and exploring the world with her partner.