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Meet our staff.


Natasha Sol, Clinic Administrator, Ashland Natural Medicine

Clinic Administrator

Natasha Sol

Natasha Sol is a native Texan transplant who landed in Ashland with her young family in 2005. She integrated into the community with gusto and has served over the years as an event producer, an Emcee, a dancer, and a comedian, a Reiki Master, a house and pet sitter, a PTA member, a graphics and web designer, and furthermore, as a repeat volunteer at the Ashland Independent Film Festival. 

In January 2016, Natasha decided to change the course of her career once again and devised a plan to organize a team of physicians, practitioners, and therapists of various modalities and open a holistic wellness center. Soon after, she synchronistically stumbled upon a Craigslist ad for small naturopathic clinic named Ashland Natural Medicine seeking a front desk person. Little did she know at the time that kismet was at work and the rest would become her-story, still in the making. 

When she’s not buzzing around the clinic welcoming patients, juggling schedules, and making certain all systems are GO, you can often find Natasha out on the town enjoying Ashland’s restaurants and trail systems or exploring mountaintops and waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest with her family and friends. She is the proud mom of three teens whom she refers to as her “Master Teachers”. She claims they keep her focused, amazed and laughing. 

Alima Matejcek, Medicinary Manager, Ashland Natural Medicine

Medicinary Manager

Alima Matejcek

Alima Matejcek’s passion for herbal medicine and alternative-healing practices developed after surviving severe childhood illnesses. She was fortunate to have had access to acupuncture and naturopathic care along with herbal remedies. As a result, and over the course of time, her health improved dramatically. Alima feels honored to bring her life experience and training, educational background, and compassion to Ashland Natural Medicine. She is dedicated to serving the health and healing needs of Ashland families, the community, and beyond.

Samae Chlebowski

Art Gallery Curator

Samae Chlebowski

Samae Horner-Chlebowski is the mother of two beautiful children and the wife of Dr. Chris. She is an alumna from SOU (formerly, SOSC) and earned her Masters of Teaching Art from Lewis and Clark College in Portland. While in college, she always dreamed of returning to Ashland to raise her children. She moved back to the valley in 2012, a move she has never regretted. When she's not curating the art shows in the clinic, you can find Samae painting in her own art studio or working on short documentary films with a focus on local social-justice stories.

Brook Golling, Licensed Massage Therapist, Ashland Natural Medicine

Licensed Massage Therapist

Brook Golling

Having been born and raised in Ashland, Brook Golling has a great appreciation for this open and creative community. Brook met Dr. Chlebowski while he was attending Ashland Institute of Massage in 2015 and has enjoyed working with him since finishing school. Working with massage has provided him the experience of an amazing exploration of physical and energetic patterns in the body. His work has been a natural progression of observing the body on subtle levels through qigong and meditation, then applying these observations to clients as a creative, fluid, and pleasant experience. When outside this office, you may find him with his family enjoying time outdoors and living in a fashion that supports happiness for himself and those around him.

Summer Blue, Registered Nurse, Ashland Natural Medicine

Registered Nurse

Summer Blue

Summer Blue, a nurse for the last six years, has recently joined Ashland Natural Medicine fulfilling her heart’s desire to work in this type of clinic. She enjoys both relaying information to patients, thereby helping them become educated about their health and, also, observing them as great improvements in their well-being unravel. As a young mother of three children, she has grown with them through their childhood and shared many adventures. She enjoys being in nature with her partner and family, exploring and gathering edible plants. Having been born and raised in Hawaii, she loves to surf and swim in just about any clean water she can find, even if freezing cold. She likes to make others around her smile and laugh. 

Lisa 3.JPG


Lisa Hillenbrand

Up until recently, Lisa had lived on the East Coast her entire life. Relocating to Southern Oregon was both an exciting and unfamiliar adventure for her! She has worked in the service industry for over 20 years and enjoys meeting new people and being a part of their day in a positive way. As a seeker of knowledge and a creator of new adventures, she finds that nature brings her immense joy as it always has something to teach us. When she is not at work, you’ll find her in her garden with her two dogs and two cats as they all love spending sunny days outside together. Her fervent wish would be to provide a safe space for honey bees and pollinators. She proclaims that she has much to learn and hopes that residing in Southern Oregon can bestow a gift of knowledge to her. 

She states, “I am grateful to be a part of Ashland Natural Medicine and look forward to growing our future together!”