Our Techniques

We help people navigate and find solutions for difficult, chronic health issues who have not found answers in other places, namely the conventional medical paradigm. 

We do this with cutting edge diagnostics, long visit times, and deep and inquisitive listening. We then implement patient specific treatment plans which are 100% individualized and dynamic. We empower patients to learn how to lead a lifestyle which moves them away from chronic debilitating disease and towards adaptability and vitality.


Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic doctors collaborate with the patient. Both doctor and patient work together to find the root cause of illness and create long-term solutions. Naturopaths utilize long intakes…

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Electrodermal Testing

Electrodermal Scanning uses the acupuncture points in the hands as access points to the body's sensitive electromagnetic system. From these points, the machine measures the...

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Unfortunately, our world has become a toxic place. At birth, babies born today have, on average, more than 200 chemicals in the blood stream. Our herbal, homeopathic, and intravenous…

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Massage Therapy

The musculoskeletal system is the largest system in the body. Its proper alignment and function keeps other systems from becoming unbalanced. Our licensed therapists work…

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Network Chiropractic

Network Chiropractic is a system of physical treatment which helps to train the nervous system to align the vertebrae and muscles. Using very specific and gentle holds…

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Classical Homeopathy

There are few things in medicine that can be as effective as the properly-chosen homeopathic remedy. After a thorough interview, our doctors will choose a single natural substance which…

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Hormone, Blood and Allergy Testing

We use the most current and sophisticated blood tests to determine each patient’s health status. Any patient undergoing care at Ashland Natural Medicine should expect some level…

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IV Therapy

The intravenous delivery of specific nutrients, vitamins, herbs, and other compounds is one of the most-effective tools used at Ashland Natural Medicine. By completely bypassing the…

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Lyme and Chronic Infection Treatments

We have developed a unique system of botanical, homeopathic, and IV therapeutics to eradicate the most persistent of infections. With this unique system, we have successfully cured…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen

This therapy helps to treat chronic infections, cancer, traumatic brain injuries, cardiovascular disease, autism, and injuries of all types. In our spacious chamber, patients relax for an hour…

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Chelation Therapy

Heavy metals create havoc in every system they occupy and lower an organ's ability to function properly. Specific molecular compounds, delivered orally or intravenously, can bind to…

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BEMER Vascular Therapy

Our doctors at Ashland Natural Medicine recognize that poor circulation is at the core of the most common disease processes. This includes cancer and cardiovascular disease…

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