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Dr. Chris Chlebowski


Dr. Chris Chlebowski, Ashland Natural Medicine

The only thing Dr. Chris loves more than medicine is his family. He finds endless pleasure in playing with his children, as well as finding natural, permanent and gentle cures for the most serious of diseases. 

Over the last twelve years of practicing medicine, he has come to believe that the hallmarks of a good doctor are a big heart, an open mind, a ton of curiosity and an endless supply of creativity. His love of medicine stems from a deep inquisitiveness about the way the world works and he believes that to understand humans and their departure from health provides a view into the inner workings of the Multiverse. 

When he isn’t working on a case he is usually with his family and friends in the outdoors, climbing rocks and skiing down mountains. He is also a voracious reader and student of medicine, science, spirituality and mysticism.