We take great pride in building strong doctor-patient relationships while providing an outstanding and individualized level of care and treatment.


L.T. - Portland, OR

“Our family began seeing Dr. Chlebowski a few years ago, and in that time he has successfully treated us for every possible condition we could have thrown his way! Dr. Chlebowski has treated us for back injuries, food allergies, asthma, ear infections, multiple colds and flu, tendonitis, food poisoning, appendicitis symptoms, pregnancy and more! There is not an ailment or condition that comes up where our family does not first turn to Dr. Chlebowski for help. We trust his advice and turn to him day and night for help getting and keeping us well. We Definitely see Dr. Chlebowski more than we see our conventional primary care physicians! I don’t know what we would do without his constant help in maintaining our wellness. Dr. Chlebowski is more than just a doctor for our family – we consider him a dear friend and are grateful that we found him!”


N.B. - Jerusalem, Israel

“I found Dr. Chris on an autism website and wrote to him for advice. He graciously offered to help us with our seven year old grandson who was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder. Despite the natural regimen we had him on he had been suffering violent spells, hyperactivity, defiance, and a short attention span. He was in danger of being kicked out of school if we didn’t do something quick!”

“Chris offered us hope…and a remedy which we promptly applied. The change in my grandson was dramatic! He became his old sweet self almost overnight. Not only did his disposition change, his speech dramatically improved! Suddenly he was able to answer questions and speak in more than three word sentences in two languages! That was about a year ago. Neighbors have noticed how much calmer he is and commented. Another friend who is a child psychologist is amazed by the improvement in his speech and cognitive skills.”

“Throughout the year Chris has been available and encouraging. His approach is sensible. We’re committed to this path for the long haul. And thank God for Chris and his commitment to natural medicine and to us!”


M.K. - Ashland, OR

“Do yourself a favor… Come and see Dr. Chris and staff.

During the past year or so, I have been successfully treated for glaucoma, arterial blockage, mercury and lead poisoning, toenail fungus and swollen prostate. Being a surgeon, I of course tried allopathic remedies first in order to try to manage these conditions. All of the medicines prescribed by MDs at best put a bandaid on these conditions, with no stoppings, reversals or cures.

Dr. Chris and Summer, the RN at ANM, used DMPS, EDTA and glutathoine IVs and the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber on the premises. After about 12 sessions, my mercury is 50% eradicated, lead is slightly improved, and arterial blockages are removed and now normal. All were verified by blood and urine tests and an ultrasound. My prostrate scores are normal for the first time in 30 years, and I don’t get up in the middle of the night nearly as much.

Please note: Being 66 years old, I had to give up certain foods, habits and continue to take numerous naturopathic remedies to manage my conditions. After completing the prescribed therapeutic course of treatment, surprisingly, I got my health back, and hesitate not in the least to write this glowing report on behalf of Ashland Natural Medicine, Dr. Chris, Summer, Natasha, et. al.”


J.M. - Ashland, OR

“Turning to naturopathic medicine has changed my life in ways I can’t begin to describe. Ashland Natural Medicine has given me a brand new beginning!”


B.D. - Portland, OR

“At the age of three my daughter was diagnosed with severe asthma and various allergies. After fourteen years and many pharmaceutical medications she was still having symptoms that were not under control. As a child she was on the maximum adult doses of medication. She was unable to go into houses that had cats and dogs; this had a huge impact on our lives. All along I felt like the doctors were trying to treat the symptoms and not the cause.”

“In the spring of ’09 my daughter was not doing well. She was on antibiotics twice and the doctors wanted her on steroids for the second time in two months. This is when we found Dr. Chris. After being under his care for nine months, my daughter can go to her friends’ houses and not have to worry if there are any animals. She is doing great now, happy and free from her asthma symptoms! Thank you Dr. Chris!”


E.G. - Medford, OR

“Dr. Chris finally got my lab results sent to him and he felt so bad I had to wait until May 17th to see him (the next available appointment because he was booked). But Natasha called me and scheduled me for May 7th instead! That makes me feel way better. They didn't have to do that for me but they did. And the sooner I see them, the sooner I get better too! They are so sweet. They truly care about their patients.”


M.J. - Ashland, OR

“Ashland Natural Medicine has helped me immensely. I am 62 and very active. When I went to see Dr. Chlebowski, I was tired, had sore muscles and joints, dizzy, brain fogged, you name it. After performing several tests, he was able to diagnose my symptoms. High levels of mercury and lead, along with reactivated Epstein Barr, and a variant of Lyme. After following his protocols for treatment I am doing great. The caveat is that you must do your part, you must be in 100% and do what he recommends. This is a partnership in your health, and well-worth it!”


L.K. - Ashland, OR

“Both Dr. Chris and Dr. Miki have been so wonderful and helpful in my healing. I have had more energy and less anxiety among many other positive changes. They are so caring and knowledgeable. So very glad I found Ashland Natural Medicine!”


J.P. - Ashland, OR

“Ashland Natural Medicine is hands down the best place my family has come for our health... Dr. Chris is so genuine and has been helping my son detox from heavy metals to help his speech. Dr. Miki is the most loving, caring, intuitive person. You can feel it when she works on you. We always feel at home with the whole staff and never want to leave. I honestly can’t say enough! We love coming into Ashland Natural Medicine.”


H.G. and M.G. - Jacksonville, OR

“We looked hard and long for a naturopath in the valley and were lucky to find Dr. Chris. He is an inspiration because he sets a good example. He walks the walk. His staff are all warm and caring. His office is a sanctuary. My questions are always answered, my feelings are understood and my fears are allayed. He deserves an eagle feather.” -H.G.

“I had no one else to go to.” -M.G.


C.C. - Ashland, OR

“I am a much happier and healthier being today as I write this, one year after meeting with Dr. Chris for the first time. I am forever indebted to everyone at ANM. Natasha for being the Rockstar she is at keeping all of my scheduling, inquiries, questions, supplement requests, etc. in line with clarity and a smile. Sierra and Summer were so good to me and with me during IV treatments, one to three times per week, always knowing when I wanted or needed to chat and when I needed to be quiet and rest. Dr. Miki is such an incredibly gifted acupuncturist and was an essential part of my healing. I will forever be grateful to her for her support and intuitive care. And Dr. Chris... Bless that man. I am so thankful for the way he considers his patients as humans, always looking at all the pieces, mind, body and spirit and how they may be impacting health or dis-ease. I felt supported by his willingness to take my thoughts and ideas into consideration for the treatment plan and I am forever grateful for his integrative approach that my body needed to heal. Thank you, ANM. You literally changed my life!”


L.H. - Medford, OR

“Dr. Miki takes the best care of her patients. She is intuitive, patient and kind. She treats the whole person and is helping me change my life for the better.”


M.D. - Medford, OR

“I feel healthier after working with Dr. Chris and the staff at ANM. When I neglect my care with them, I feel the difference.” 


M.B. - Colorado

“Dr. Miki was soft, sensitive, insightful, and unbelievably welcoming. She listened to my experiences and issues with deep concern, compassion, and without judgement. I felt fully taken care of. Thank you, Dr. Miki!” 


P.B. - Ashland, OR

“I suspect you will think that I am either lying or exaggerating when I talk about Dr. Chris Chlebowski. Let me assure you that I am doing neither; I am known among my friends and acquaintances as “the person who tells it like it is” and who can be counted on for an honest opinion or evaluation. Please keep this in mind as I share with you my celebration of being a patient of Dr. Chris’ who has changed my health and, thereby, my life! I am 84 years old and through the combination of naturopathy, homeopathy, and chiropractics, I am energized and healthy, leading a full and rich life every day!

A breath of fresh air, Dr. Chris actually LISTENS, asks critical questions, evaluates, and then suggests a way to alleviate or CURE one’s “condition.” He worries if something doesn’t work and if symptoms prevail because his success is amazing. He is willing to try something else, if need be. His unique combination of knowledge and compassion give each patient the gift of feeling much better upon leaving his office than when one entered. Do I adore this man? Absolutely! Has he earned my trust? Absolutely! Do I recommend him to others? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!”


 I.M. - Ashland, OR

“My gynecological exam with Dr. Miki was the least painful one I have ever had. Combined with her incredible sensitive and empathic attunement and skill, I received healing of all my previous dreaded gynecological exams. I will look forward to seeing her again and feel comfort and trusting in her care.”


A.A. - Medford, OR

“I feel so genuinely heard and cared about at Ashland Natural Medicine by Dr. Chris and his staff. He has worked with me to tailor the right care for Lyme disease, listening to my needs and finding precisely the remedies to help take my healing to the next level. True expert advice, with heart and wisdom.”


S.B. - Klamath Falls, OR

“Ever since going to Ashland Natural Medicine, my stress level has decreased so much, I feel like I’m helping people more than ever.”


 T.A. - Ashland, OR

“Dr. Miki is most patient and thorough. She works magic with massage and acupuncture. The doctor was able to connect the dots of my health history with lab results for quick results as well as long term healing.”


 H.G. - Jacksonville, OR

“Warm and caring and knowledgeable. We love them ALL.”


E.P. - Ashland, OR

“Dr. Chris is caring, professional and brilliant. The whole staff is dedicated to healing.” 


M.M. - Ashland, OR

“After seeing many doctors and having many tests performed, I was at a place of utter loss and despair. I was fighting for my life and had little hope I’d ever feel better or find a doctor who could help me. After my last doctor suggested I seek a psychiatrist for my “mysterious” symptoms, thinking it was only in my head, a friend referred me to Dr. Chris. I still remember the first time I saw him. He was hugging a patient he had been treating for some time and wishing him the best on his journey as a healthy man again. Later, I would find out, that the man had endured the same dis-ease I was suffering with. Dr. Chris then shook my hand, introduced himself and led me back into his treatment room where we began a two-hour consultation and started a life-long friendship. He asked me questions I had never even thought to ask or think about myself. We talked about my life history. We discussed things from my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. I wasn’t aware then but I am certain now that the time we spent together that early winter morning was the first giant step on my road to recovery. Dr. Chris had told me at that time what he “thought” was going on with me but we needed to wait for test results. His diagnosis was on point! I indeed had Lyme disease and I was very, very sick. He designed an intense protocol; involving high dosages of Vitamin D and other minerals along with an abundance of supplements. With his help and the Ashland Natural Medicine staff, I slowly got better but I was still having a difficult time with my emotions around it all. Dr. Chris suggested I see Dr. Miki to “emotionally off set” and receive acupuncture for pain I was experiencing with die off symptoms. My first session with Dr. Miki was magic. Never in my life have I given myself the time, space and energy to dig into past traumas and heal at a deep, emotional level. Dr. Miki takes the time to hear you, counsel you, heal you through ancient Chinese medicine, and encourage and support you through your goals and dreams. There were times during my treatment when I saw her twice a week and sometimes even three. My healing took off. I was on a fast track to finding ME again, only a new and improved version of me and ultimately, connecting with my TRUE self. Not only have I gotten healthier over time but I have also found my true purpose and calling in life, to be a healer myself. When I found out that Dr. Chris and Dr. Miki were going to team up at Ashland Natural Medicine, their brilliance shined even brighter. This is one dynamic power duo that proves day in and day out to be unstoppable and the community of Ashland is abundantly blessed to have them available. They both have a special and unique way of “showing up” for their patients in and out of the office. They are true healers in that they give and heal from their hearts, not just their minds. Ashland Natural Medicine as a whole, the team in front and behind the scenes, is a place where dreams come to fruition into reality. It’s a place where you are welcomed into their family. They are a dream come true to me and so many others.”