Naturopathic Medicine


Naturopathic doctors collaborate with the patient. Both doctor and patient work together to find the root cause of illness and create long-term solutions. Naturopaths utilize long intakes and visit times, deep-listening techniques, and truly-holistic interpretations, all focused on helping patients, many of whom have not succeeded with other methods. Rather than use suppressive therapies, we use methods that stimulate the body’s innate intelligence to heal, allowing for truly-remarkable results. It is vital that the patient participate in the health journey. To achieve higher states of health, a client often must make changes in diet, exercise, beliefs and habits. At Ashland Natural Medicine we have developed a system which, over longer periods of time, works through every system in the body to detoxify, tonify and accelerate each person's potential.

Naturopathic Medicine at Ashland Natural Medicine in Ashland, Oregon.